Machine Testing Laboratory

Machine Testing Laboratory

This laboratory serves to increase understanding in scientific fields such as Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Pending, Combustion Engines, and fluid engines. This laboratory can also be relied on for Research and Community Service for scientific fields as mentioned above.

Testing Machines Practicum using machines in the laboratory. The practicum consists of 6 materials according to the guidebook:

  1. Air Conditioning Unit Practicum
  2. Refrigeration Unit Practicum
  3. Centrifugal Water Pump Practicum
  4. Water Cooling Tower Practicum
  5. Pelton Water Turbine Practicum
  6. Fuel Motor Practicum

This Machine Testing Practicum is made to support the theory that has been/is being given in the Machine Achievement and Quality Control courses.

Study the characteristics of the unit in the following way:

  1. Create and understand psychrometric diagrams and enthalpy pressure diagrams.
  2. Calculate the heat released by the air.
  3. Calculating the heat taken by the refrigerant / refrigerant, from the variation of the heat load that must be carried out in the experiment / practicum.
  4. Create an enthalpy pressure diagram with a heat load variable.
  5. Find the specific enthalpy of each heat load variable.
  6. Characteristics of the compressor evaporator and condenser motor.
  7. The efficiency of the electric motor, the mechanical efficiency of the compressor and the drive line and the volumetric efficiency of the compressor.
  8. The coefficient of performance of the refrigeration unit.
  9. Evaporation temperature and condensation temperature of each heat load variable.

A. Lecturer



B. Student Final Project

No. Title Year
1 Comparison of Efficiency in Water Heaters Using LPG and CNG 2016/2017
2 Single and Parallel Installation Centrifugal Pump Simulation Equipment Testing 2016/2017
3 Application of CNG Natural Gas Alternative Energy on Gas Stoves as a Substitute for LPG 2016/2017
4 Pressure Vessel Design for Biogas Gas with a Maximum Pressure of 40 Bar 2016/2017
5 Single and Series Installation Centrifugal Pump Simulation Equipment Testing 2016/2017
No. Title Year
1 Water Pump Maintenance and Repair Training 2018/2019
2 Household AC Maintenance and Repair Training 2017/2018
  1. Gasoline & diesel engine.
  2. Refrigeration Engineering / Refrigeration Unit.
  3. Centrifugal water pump.
  4. Pelton water turbine.
  5. Air Conditioning / Air Conditioning Unit.
  6. Cooling tower / Water Cooling Tower.
  7. Water pump & turbine / Reversible Pump & Turbine.
  8. Flow through the orifice.
  9. Flow through Venturimeter.
  10. Flow through Weir.
  11. Friction loss along.
  12. Impact of a jet of water.
  13. Flow measurement tool.
  14. Vortex flow.
  15. Flow loss in the pipe.
  16. Gas Check 2000 Emission Analyzer.
  17. LabVIEW software
Campus A, F & G (Hery Hartanto) Building 2nd Floor

Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Trisakti University

  • Head of Laboratory : Ir. Senoadi, M.T.
  • Practicum Coordinator : Drs. Supriyadi, M.Si.
  • Head of Practicum : Dr. Sentot Novianto, S.T., M.T.
  • Laboratory Assistant : Trio Dwi Irawan
  • Email :
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