Engineering Drawing Studio

Engineering Drawing Studio

Manual drawing lab. work
Manual drawing lab. work room
CAD drawing lab. work room

The Engineering Drawing Studio organizes practical activities to support the theory course of Mechanical Drawing 1 and Practice (IMG218) based on ISO standards and Mechanical Drawing 2 and Practice (IMG219) based on ISO standards. In addition, it is also a place for research activities and community service (Tridarma).

1. Mechanical Engineering Drawing 1 Practicum based on ISO standard (odd semester)

This is a basic practicum of technical drawing. Consists of several modules in the form of technical drawing tasks with ISO standardization, such as:

  • Types of lines in engineering drawings & their application
  • Isometric
  • Dimetric
  • Orthogonal projection
  • Title block rules
  • Dimensioning
  • Cut/Section
  • etc.

Assignments are made on A1 size draft paper (white drawing paper). After being corrected by an assistant, the next drawing is copied on tracing paper.


2. Mechanical Engineering Drawing 2 Practicum based on ISO standards (odd & even semesters)

The module is an assembled workpiece consisting of 10 to 15 components. Assembled objects are broken down to be measured directly by the practitioner using various measuring tools such as a ruler, caliper, vernier caliper, micrometer screw, and others. Sketches of single components and assemblies are made first on graph paper (mm block paper). The results of the sketches on graph paper that have been checked & approved by the assistant are then drawn on A1 white paper or drawn using CAD software.


3. Mechanical Engineering Drawing Practicum using CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Given in odd & even semesters, running parallel to Mechanical Engineering Drawing 2 Practicum. The software used is 2-dimensional AutoCAD. The main objective of the practicum is to be able to apply manual drawings from the Mechanical Engineering Drawing 1 and 2 Practicums into CAD drawings.

A. Lecturer

No. Title Year
1 Leaf Garbage Shredder 2019


B. Student Final Project

No. Title Year
1 Electric Satay Grill Machine Repair Design 2019
2 Acid Dumping Machine Design For Large Type Batteries 2019


No. Title Year
1 CAD Application for Industrial World in Mechanical Engineering 2019
2 Technical Drawing Training using CAD for Vocational High School Graduates Facing the World of Work in Industry 2018
3 Utilization of Used Waste as Souvenir Products for Youth Organizations 2017
4 Technical Drawing Training for Vocational School Graduates Who Will Work in the Industrial World 2016
  1. Vibration Spectrum Analysis to Identify The Signal Disturbance of the Differential Gear Transmission System: Annual National Seminar on Mechanical Engineering 2017 (SNTTM XVI), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, 5-6 October 2017
  2. Vibration Spectrum Analysis to Identify Misalignment Signals in Belts and Unbalance in Differential Gear Transmission Systems: Proceedings of the 2017 Annual National Seminar on Mechanical Engineering (SNTTM XVI), October 2017
  3. Optimization of Tour Bus Frame Structure with Finite Elmen Method Analysis: National Seminar on Science & Technology Applications (SNAST), 2016
  4. Vibration Analysis to Predict Flutter Speed Limit with Sectional Model Using ARMA Method: Proceedings of the XIV Annual National Seminar on Mechanical Engineering (SNTTM XIV), 2015

A. Manual drawing lab. work

  • MUTOH drawing table A0 paper size + MUTOH TF-20 stand (10 sets)
  • A0 paper size drawing table + stand (21 sets)
  • MUTOH drawing machine (8 units)
  • Machine/workpiece models
  • Drawing paper cutting tool
  • Measuring instruments: caliper (vernier/digital), rugotest, etc.


B. CAD drawing lab. work

Campus A, F & G (Hery Hartanto) Building 8th Floor

Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Trisakti University

  • Head of Studio : Ir. Yusep Mujalis, M.T.
  • Practicum Coordinator : –
  • Head of Practicum : –
  • Laboratory Assistant : F.X. Sugeng Riyanto, S.T.
  • Email :
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