Industrial Metrology Laboratory

Industrial Metrology Laboratory

This industrial metrology practicum is made to support the theory that has been/is being given in the Industrial Metrology and Quality Control courses.

The main objectives of this practicum are:

  • To recognize measuring instruments, to know how to use them and to know the capabilities and properties of these measuring instruments.
  • To find out for each geometric element there are various measurement methods depending on the type of measuring instrument available.
  • To become acquainted with the measurement process and the possible results it can achieve.
  • The meaning of accuracy and precision of the measurement process which includes measuring instruments, measuring objects, and operators will be better understood by carrying out this practicum.
  • To find out how to properly treat measuring instruments (which of course are expensive), so that they will last longer if they are properly maintained and calibrated properly.

Industrial Metrology Practicum by using laboratory equipments. The practicum consists of 6 materials according to the guidebook :

1. Practical Introduction to Several Linear Measuring Tools

  • Recognize and use several linear measuring tools.
  • Comparing the function of one measuring instrument with another.
  • Comparing measurement results from several measuring instruments.

2. Practicum Calibration of Measuring Instruments

  • Knowing the damage / abnormalities that can occur in the measuring instrument.
  • Know how to calibrate measuring instruments.

3. Practical Measurement of Thread Geometry Elements

  • Know the measuring tools for thread dimensions.
  • Know how to measure dimensional parameters.

4. Product Dimension Practicum
Aim :

  • Know how to measure the dimensions of a product in accordance with technical drawing specifications.
  • Can choose the measuring tool used in accordance with the dimensions to be measured and the available measuring tools.

5. Angle Measurement Practicum

  • Several methods of angle measurement techniques.
  • Perpendicular calibration.

6. Roundness and Concentricity Measurement Practicum

  • Measurement of roundness, concentricity, and perpendicularity.
  • Determination of geometric specifications on technical drawings.
  • The Effect of Giving Concept Maps on the Success of Students’ Study in Mathematics Subjects Using Non-Parametric Statistics, Universitas Muh. Purwokerto, 2018
  • Design and development of measuring tools for measuring cilindricity using Helix method
No. Title Year
1 Calculus programming training with Maple 2019
2 Algebra programming training with Maple 2019
3 Industrial metrology introduction training for the public 2019
4 Training on maintenance of tempeh making machines for home industry in South Tangerang 2019
5 3D printing training and introduction related to the industrial revolution 4.0 to the community 2018
6 Training on the introduction and maintenance of measuring instruments for youth groups 2018
7 Training on measuring and calibrating dimension measuring instruments for youth organizations 2017
8 Minitab software introduction and training for product quality control for SMA/SMAK students 2016

Research works are mainly published in accredited Jurnal Teknik Mesin, Universitas Trisakti

  • Micro-Hite
  • Surface roughness tester
  • Profile projector
  • Spirit level
  • Vernier caliper
  • Outside/inside micrometer
  • Micrometer 3 feet
  • Depth micrometer
  • Thread micrometer
  • Dial indicator
  • Surface plate
  • Roundness measuring tool
  • Thread gauge
  • Standing holder
  • Measuring hour
  • Sinus stem
  • Block gauge
  • Parallel block
  • Corner block
  • Straight knife
  • Elbow standard
  • etc.
Campus A, F & G (Hery Hartanto) Building 2nd Floor

Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Trisakti University

  • Head of Laboratory : Annisa Bhikuning, S.T., M.Eng.
  • Practicum Coordinator : Dra. Christina Eni Pujiastuti, M.Si.
  • Head of Practicum : Drs. Joko Riyono, M.Si.
  • Laboratory Assistant : Luna Fresha Cahyanika, A.Md.
  • Email :
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