Industrial Control and Automation Laboratory

Industrial Control and Automation Laboratory

Support Mechanical Engineering Department in teaching, research and community service activities related to industrial control and automation. Teaching and research activities are carried out in the form of practicum, lectures and final assignments. Community service is carried out in the form of training, counseling, and product design related to automation.

1. Pure Pneumatics
Objective: To provide knowledge about the characteristics and workings of pure pneumatic components as well as operating procedures for pure pneumatic components such as directional control valves and pneumatic cylinders.

2. Electro Pneumatics
Objective: Students can explain the characteristics and demonstrate the workings of Electro Pneumatic components such as solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders, proximity sensors, relays, and other electro pneumatic components.

3. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Objectives: Students can explain the characteristics and demonstrate sequence motion using PLC programming using the FBD (Function Block Diagram) programming language, sequence motion using an internal timer in PLC programming and comparing PLC programs with electro pneumatic circuits.

A. Lecturer

Damper System Design for Compact Sliding Doors on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

B. Student Final Project

No. Title Year
1 Control using a programmable logic controller (PLC) found in the station buffer and lead screw automation system 2019
2 Control of the straight motion and rotary motion of the transfer system using PLC 2019
3 Rotary motion control of the transfer system using PLC 2019
4 The use of the HC SR04 ultrasonic sensor as a workpiece sorting system based on height 2019
5 Control using a programmable logic controller for laboratory-scale automation systems in the feeding process 2019
6 Kinematic analysis on goods moving equipment with pneumatics rotary actuator penggerak 2019
7 Analysis of changes in rotary motion of the pneumatics rotary actuator at the goods moving station 2019
8 Control a three-axis pneumatic robot with a programmable logic controller based on function block diagrams, sequential function charts and ladder diagrams 2018
9 Miniature automation of production systems using PLC control 2018
10 1, 2, 3 and 4 cylinder PLC training modules 2017

No. Title Year
1 Experimental Mechanics Training 2019
2 Mechatronics Training in Industrial Automation Using PLC Based on Boolean Algebra 2018
3 PLC-Based Industrial Automation Application Training for Industry Players and Academics 2017
4 Pneumatic Based PLC Training For Industrial Practitioners 2016
  1. Pneumatics training equipment (4 units)
  2. Hydraulic system equipment
  3. Power generation equipment (compressor and hydraulic pump)
  4. Tools (pressure regulator, flow direction regulator, flow amount regulator).
  5. Actuators (linear actuators and rotary actuators).
  6. Detector devices (pressure detector and speed detector).
  7. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Schneider smart relay, Keyence, LG.
Campus A, F & G (Hery Hartanto) Building 2nd Floor

Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Trisakti University

  • Head of Laboratory : Ir. Jamal M. Afiff, M.Eng.
  • Practicum Coordinator : Kokok Dharmaputra, S.T., M.T.
  • Head of Practicum : –
  • Laboratory Assistant : Alif Muharram Mustajab, S.Tr.T.
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